National Certificate: Graphic Design

Candidates will learn the necessary skills to follow a career or further their studies in basic web design, advertising, graphic design, publication design or design for the printing industry etc.

  • Introduction to Design

    • Design Elements and Principles: Colour Psychology, Typography

    • The Design Process: Design in context, Creating Design Research

    • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



    Design Concepts

    • The Design Process: Concept Creation and Ideation, Scamping and Design Sketching

    • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

    • The Design Process: Time Management in Design Work, Reviewing Designs against a Brief



    Design Specifications

    • The Design Brief: Brainstorming, Understanding Briefs, Research, Refining, Feedback

    • Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

    • Design Specifications: Specifications Types for Designs, Design Formats & Requirements, Packaging and Product Specifications, Dimensions & Design Limitations, Functional Design, Testing Designs



    Design Production

    • Select Materials & Media: Material Types for Design Projects, Media Types and Uses

    • Select Processes for Production: Production Techniques, Maintaining Environmental Sustainability



    Design Project Management

    • Plan and Organise the Design Process: The Design Process, Researching Designs, Planning Design Timelines, Design Thinking and Agile Works Strategies.

    • Plan, Research and Organise Design Projects: Project Resources, Sprints, Budgets, Task Evaluations, Performance Records, Managing Team Performance, Researching Project Requirements, Phases of Project Management

    • Support the Project Environment: Project Types & Strategies, Project Methodologies, Project Retrospectives & Incorporating Working Methodologies.



    Design Portfolios

    • Present and Communicate Design Work

    • Developing Design Portfolios

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Justifying Design Decisions

    • Creating Design Presentations



    Adobe Certifications

    • Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator Beginner & Advanced


    • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop Beginner & Advanced

    • Adobe InDesign: Adobe InDesign Beginner & Advanced




    WOP: Workplace Preparation (On exit only)

    This module is designed to prepare learners for the workplace.

    • Compiling a Portfolio

    • Creating a Curriculum Vitae

    • Maintaining and Social Media Profile

    • Preparing for an interview

    • Registering on the AIE Recruitment Portal

    • Seeking Employment

  • National Certificate: Web and Interactive Media Design NQF5. 
  • 2D Concept Design and Animation using Toon Boom 
  • 3D Design Visualization and Animation using 3DS Max & V-Ray  
  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects using Maya & V-Ray  
  • Games Design and Development with C# & Unity