Microsoft Office Excel Intermediate

The target students for this course are students who desire to gain the skills necessary to create templates, sort and filter data, import and export data, analyse data, and work with Excel on the web

Microsoft Office Excel Essentials

Module 1: Creating Advanced Formulas

  • TOPIC A: Apply Range Names

Module 2: Organizing Worksheet Data with Tables

  • TOPIC A: Create and Modify Tables
  • TOPIC B: Sort and Filter Data
  • TOPIC C: User Subtotal and Database Functions to Calculate Data

Module 3: Visualizing Data with Charts

  • TOPIC A: Create Charts
  • TOPIC B: Modify and Format Charts
  • TOPIC C: Create a Trendline
  • TOPIC D: Create Advanced Charts

Module 4: Inserting Graphics

  • TOPIC A: Insert and Modify Graphic Objects
  • TOPIC B: Layer and Group Graphic Objects
  • TOPIC C: Incorporate SmartArt

Module 5: Enhancing Workbooks

  • TOPIC A: Customize Workbooks
  • TOPIC B: Manage Themes
  • TOPIC C: Create and Use Templates
  • TOPIC D: Protect Files
  • TOPIC E: Preparing a Workbook for Multiple Audiences

Module 6: Auditing Worksheets

  • TOPIC A: Trace Cells
  • TOPIC B: Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
  • TOPIC C: Watch and Evaluate Formulas
  • TOPIC D: Create a Data List Outline

Module 7: Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • TOPIC A: Consolidate Data
  • TOPIC B: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
  • TOPIC C: Merge Workbooks

Module 8: Managing Large Workbooks

  • TOPIC A: Format Worksheet Tabs
  • TOPIC B: Manage Worksheets

Course Days: 1 Day