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Delivering Effective Business Presentation Skills

Candidates will learn how to determine realistic presentation objectives, analyze the audience, use supporting materials effectively, organize a presentation clearly, and successfully incorporate visual aids. Course activities also cover reducing the fear of speaking, remaining calm, appearing relaxed, and improving the delivery of your presentation.

Module 1: Write for a specified audience and purpose

  • Identify the purpose for writing, the target audience and the context are clear in relation to the learning task or activity
  • Use the appropriate test-type, style and register selected appropriate to audience, purpose and context
  • Ensure that language appropriate to social-cultural sensitivities are selected and used in an appropriate manner without compromising own values or arguments
  • Compose writing that is well structured and conveys its message clearly
  • Identify examples of critical thinking skills and how they are used as strategies for planning
  • Produce writing that reflects a clear point of view with sound reasons and facts to support arguments and logical development of a clearly articulated premises
  • Understand how research skills are evident in the way data and information relevant to the context is identified, located, selected and synthesised for inclusion in the final text

Module 2: Produce coherent and cohesive texts

  • Clearly express meaning through the use of a range of sentence structures, lengths and types.
  • Use paragraph conventions and links between paragraphs in texts, promoting coherence and cohesion in writing/signing.
  • Explain the use with reference to logical progression, cause and effect and/or contrast
  • Control the overall structure of a piece of writing/signing and clearly formulate the conclusion

Module 3: Draft and edit own writing

  • Edit a draft to improve on the original
  • Control grammar, check and adapt diction/clarity of sign, sentence and paragraph structure for consistency
  • Achieve logical sequencing through logical sequencing of ideas and overall unity
  • Edit out major grammatical and linguistic errors
  • Inappropriate and potentially offensive language is identified and adapted/removed
  • Experiment with different layouts and options for presentation appropriate to the nature and purpose of the task

Course Days: 2 Days