R5 600

Adobe Dreamweaver Essentials

Candidates will learn how to navigate the environment and use Dreamweaver tools to build websites.

  • Introduction to Basic Computing
  • Web Design: HTML and CSS Beginners 

1. Getting Started with Dreamweaver

  • Navigate the Dreamweaver Interface
  • Customize the Workspace
  • Use Help


2. Creating a Site

  • Create a New Site
  • Organize a Site into Folders
  • Plan Navigation


3. Creating a Page

  • Create and Lay Out a Page
  • Enter Text
  • Create a Page with a Template


4. Styling with CSS

  • Create and Apply CSS Styles by Using Selectors
  • Style in a More Flexible Manner with Classes


5. Inserting Images

  • Insert Image Files
  • Style Images with CSS


6. Inserting Links

  • Insert Internal and External Links
  • Apply Additional Link Types


7. Displaying Data in Tables

  • Create Tables for Data Display
  • Modify Tables
  • Style a Table


8Publishing Your Site

  • Prepare a Site for Uploading
  • Upload a Site

. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam

Course Days: 2 Days