Microsoft Project

Candidates will learn about creating a basic project with tasks, resources, a customized calendar, and customized views as well as managing the Project environment, working within task structures, generating views, and creating reports.


Module 1: Starting a Project

  • TOPIC A: Project Management 101
  • TOPIC B: Navigate and Customize the Project 2016 Interface
  • TOPIC C: Add Tasks to a Project
  • TOPIC D: Add Resources to a Project
  • TOPIC E: Save a Project

Module 2: Working with Project Calendars

  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Time Frames
  • TOPIC B: Changing Working Time

Module 3: Working with Project Tasks

  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Tasks
  • TOPIC B: Add Summary Tasks and Milestones

Module 4: Working with Project Resources

  • TOPIC A: Manage Project Resources
  • TOPIC B: Allocate and Level Work Resources

Module 5: Delivering a Project Plan

  • TOPIC A: Print Project Views
  • TOPIC B: Share Projects
  • TOPIC C: Export Projects



Module 1: Managing the Project Environment

  • TOPIC A: Link Projects
  • TOPIC B: Create and Use Resource Pools
  • TOPIC C: Baseline a Project
  • TOPIC D: Work with Custom Fields
  • TOPIC E: Change Project Options
  • TOPIC F: Extend Project with Apps

Module 2: Managing Task Structures

  • TOPIC A: Change a Task List
  • TOPIC B: Create a Network Diagram
  • TOPIC C: Manage Critical Path
  • TOPIC D: Use Lag and Lead
  • TOPIC E: Update Project Work
  • TOPIC F: Analyze Earned Value

Module 3: Generating Project Views

  • TOPIC A: Use View Commands
  • TOPIC B: Use Existing Views
  • TOPIC C: Create Custom Views
  • TOPIC D: Format and Share the Timeline View

Module 4: Producing Project Reports

  • TOPIC A: Use Existing Reports
  • TOPIC B: Create Custom Reports
  • TOPIC C: Export Visual Reports

Course Days: 2 Days