Microsoft Office Excel Expert Program

Candidates will be able to automate worksheet , audit worksheets, using a variety of different analysis tools, working effectively with multiple workbooks, exporting Excel data, as well as importing and exporting XML data to and from a workbook.

Microsoft Office Excel Advanced

Module 1: Automating Worksheet Functionality

  • TOPIC A: Update Workbook Properties
  • TOPIC B: Create and Edit a Macro
  • TOPIC C: Apply Conditional Formatting
  • TOPIC D: Add Data Validation Criteria

Module 2: Analyzing and Presenting Data

  • TOPIC A: Create Sparklines
  • TOPIC B: Create Scenarios
  • TOPIC C: Perform a What-If Analysis
  • TOPIC D: Performa A Statistical Analysis with Analysis ToolPak
  • TOPIC E: Create Interactive Data with Power View

Module 3: Exporting Excel Data

  • TOPIC A: Export Excel Data
  • TOPIC B: Import a Delimited Text File
  • TOPIC C: Integrate Excel Data with the Web
  • TOPIC D: Create a Web Query

Module 4: Importing and Exporting XML Data

  • TOPIC A: Import and Export XML Data

Module 5: Analyzing Data with PivotTables, Slicers and PivotCharts

  • TOPIC A: Create a PivotTable
  • TOPIC B: Filter Data by Using Slicers
  • TOPIC C: Analyze Data with PivotCharts

Module 6: Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

  • TOPIC A: Use Text Functions
  • TOPIC B: Use Logical Functions
  • TOPIC C: Use Lookup Functions
  • TOPIC D: Use Date Functions
  • TOPIC E: Use Financial Functions
  • TOPIC F: Use Specialized Functions

Course Days: 1 Day